Can I recover deleted 3GP video on SD Card

Suppose you are browsing through your videos on you mobile phone to play but instead a wrong button is pressed and the video get deleted. Even more worse to an extent if you have pressed delete all button then all the saved videos will be erased from the SD card, This is a very shocking situation and the first question you might ask is can I recover deleted 3GP videos on SD card? 3GP is a popular multimedia container file format that is used to store videos. This particular file format is generally used in the mobile phones for recording videos, you will also find several video contents that are available on internet in the 3GP format. It can contain the video as well as audio in the compressed form that is why it occupy very less storage space and easy for sharing. You may have saved several 3GP videos on you SD card that you have either recorded or or downloaded. These must be your favorite videos and you love to watch them again and again and if they are deleted then what.

free-win-300x72 (1)   Download 3GP video recovery software

You must be knowing that there is no trash or recycle bin facility that will save you from accidental deletion. So you should press every button carefully and recheck the selection you have made for deletion. The 3GP video files will also get deleted when you format the memory card purposefully to fix any memory card error or unknowingly. The video files which are deleted from the SD card will be completely inaccessible to you but be assured that they will still on the memory card until you overwrite it with any new file. You can recover it using a recovery tool or with a back up that you have made earlier.

You can find back up of 3GP file in you system hard drive or any other memory card and if it is a downloaded file then you can download it again. The final option is to use 3GP video recovery software. Simply scan the SD card with the software and then it will give you the preview of the deleted videos. Now you can restore those videos in the memory card. You don’t have to be any professional to use this software as the steps involved are quite simple and also you will get a brief explanation of them. Just download the software and all the deleted videos which includes other video formats also will be recovered and you can play them on your mobile as you can recover deleted 3GP video on SD card.

User Guide to Recover 3GP video files on SD card

Step 1 : Install the software and choose the correct recovery mode.

3GP Video Recover Software

Step 2 : Select the SD card from the drive list.

3GP Video Recover Software

Step 3 : Select the video file format for recovery.

3GP Video Recover Software

Step 4 : Now start the scan of the memory card.

3GP Video Recover Software

Step 5 : In the preview window select the video files you want to recover.


Step 6 : Select the drive where you want to save the recovered files.

3GP Video Recover Software

free-win-300x72 (1)     Download 3GP video recovery software

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