How to Recover Corrupt 3gp Video

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3gp files are one of the popular used video file format which offers the facility to store larger sized video in a compressed file format. The file format acts like a larger container containing numerous of video files such as .3gp, .3gpp, .3gp2, etc. Moreover, in comparison to other video files, .3gp file format are quite smaller in size and effective in use. Its portable natures and compatibility to various brands of multimedia devices adds an extra wing to its height. Now a days, due to the enhancement of 3gp video files, numerous of online videos also made compatible with it. Moreover, due to its enhanced natures the video file has been widely used by several multimedia subsystems including multimedia multi-cast system as well. The file format is also used to store all your recorded video clips in your memory card. but, sometime you may fails to watch your stored .3gp videos or unable to access them, which means your stored video may get corrupted or deleted. Let’s have a look on some of the unforeseen reasons that are responsible to corrupt 3gp video files.

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Capturing Video on Low Battery: Many a time we continues to take photos & record video while our handy device shows low battery notification. As a result, the recorded video may not get properly stored inside your device, which in turn gets corrupted.

Forced Ejection of Storage Media: Forced ejection or improper removal of sd card from the multimedia devices is also one of the probable causes that lead to the emergence of data loss situation.

Storing Malevolent Files: Sometime, while downloading videos from the Internet other malevolent files even gets download which can further start damaging other stored files too. As, a result users fails to access their stored .3gp files and even sometime encountered several erroneous situation.

Improper Formating: It is also one of the prominent causes responsible to make the stored videos inaccessible. Several time users might click on the format option which makes the stored data inaccessible. So, be cautious while formatting your device or storage media.

Improper File Transfer: While transferring your video files from one device to other, sometime due to abrupt power, the process may get interrupted in between which may corrupts the video files.

What to Do Next?

No matter what so ever be the reasons for the corruption in .3gp files, the ultimate result is the loss of favorite videos. But, you don’t need to worry, because in such cases backup is the possible resortion to recover corrupt 3gp video back. But, what will you do, even if the backup file gets corrupted or you have a partial backup of your data. Now, you have no more option left other that to rely on 3GP video recovery software. By using which the users are able to recover all their lost lost videos back in a hassle free manner.

Why 3GP Video Recovery Software Not other Alternative?

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3Gp video recovery software is one of the better alternative in case of video recovery, as it provide extensive scanning and repairing algorithm which perform deep scan of your storage media and recover corrupt 3gp video files back. It offers one stop solution for amy types of video files corruption issue including .3gp files. Moreover, the tool has gain lots of awrads by the renounced Companies for its efficient recovery option. No matter whether its a virus attack or improper formating, the tool will show its effectiveness in all cases and provide the users with the optimum result. The most advantageous part of the tool is that it has been so expertly designed that even a novice users are to perform all the recovery process easily in a few mouse click. Therefore, don’t waste the time any more, just use this advance software to recover corrupt .3gp video files.

How to Run 3GP video Recovery Software?

Step 1: Download & install 3GP Video Recovery Software.


Step 2: Select the media file that you want to recover by clicking on “Scan Now” button.

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Step 3: Wait, till scanning process gets overred. Then, see the preview of scanned file.


Step 4: Select the range of file to be repair.

Step 5: Choose the location where you want to restore the recovered files.

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