How to Restore Deleted 3GP Videos on Cell Phone?

Do you want to restore deleted 3GP videos on Cell Phone? This might have happened to many of the cell phone users where they find themselves in great distress. .3gp is a popular video format often used in mobile phones and other hand-held gadgets such as digital camera, camcorders. When ever you record a video on mobiles, it is stored in this very format. They are easy to store as they can be compressed and played. This makes it perfect to be stored on memory card of the cell phone. But as you know memory card has limited storage capacity and no matter how ever large memory space you might be using, it is bound to get saturated. Just to make some space free, users often erase the unwanted videos. Sometimes they end up deleting even the important videos and later realize their mistake.

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Scenarios when 3GP Videos on Cell Phone Get Deleted

  • Human Error: As stated before, unintentional deletion of the photos is the biggest cause for the loss of videos on Cell phone. Pressing the delete button mistakenly often result in unintentional deleting of .3gp videos.
  • Restoring to Factory Reset option: whenever there is some error on the Cell phone, users often try Factory Reset option. The problem gets resolved but the stored data on the cell phone simply gets wiped out. It is always advised to create a backup of the important videos before you opt for factory reset.
  • Abrupt video transfer: Abruptly removing the memory card from the Cell phone when the reading/writing process is in progress often result in erasing of video files.

If you happen to lose some of your favorite videos on Cell Phone do not worry. Instead remove the memory card from its slot. This is done to ensure no new videos are saved on the memory card. Actually when the videos are deleted either intentionally or unintentionally they are not wiped unless and until they are overwritten. So without delaying any further, using 3GP Video recovery software would probably rescue deleted .3gp video on cell phone.

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