Recover 3GP Video From SD Card


In this world, every one loves to capture videos & images irrespective of what their age is. In order to enhance your way and to provide better platform for capturing videos, SD cards play’s an important role. Its large storage facility, along with the portable nature really proves as a boon for the users. But, have you ever thought, What the file format your portable devices used to store your recorded video? Well, don’t worry, here you will get the detailed information. Generally, all your captured videos gets stored in .3gp file format. No matter which brand of cellphone you wishes to use, this commonly used video file format is compatible with all your multimedia devices.

Moreover, due to its enhanced nature, the 3gp video file has gain lots of popularity among the users. As far its storage is concerned, the video file is well equipped with all storage media. No matter whether you are using SD card or SDHC card, the file format can easily get stored on it. Moreover, on one hand the 3gp video file provide so much advance features, while on the other, it is equally prone to corruption. As a result, users fails to access stored 3gp file video. Let’s know, what are the probable causes for the emergence of such devastating issue.


Reasons Responsible for 3gp Video Corruption

  • Excessive use of 3gp file format
  • Downloading improper file form internet
  • Malware intrusion
  • Capturing videos with low battery
  • Software crash
  • Mishandling of handy device
  • While transferring videos

Thus, to avoid such embarrassing situation, it is always recommended to have a proper backup of your data. Otherwise it will really presses a panic button. But, you need not have to be worry any more. As, here available one of professionally developed 3GP Video recovery Software that will surely going to be a boon for you. But before using this advance & noted tool, it better to have some precautions because, Precaution is better that cure, this too is also applicable in case of 3gp video files.

Precaution to Be Taken

  • Stop using your portable device immediately after the corruption
  • Avoid sharing of storage media
  • Remove the SD card instantly after corruption takes place
  • Avoid upgradation
  • Do not use free space created after the deletion of 3gp videos

What to Do Next?

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To avoid such terrible situation and to recover 3GP video from SD card effectively, 3gp Video Recovery software plays an important role. Its high end scanning algo. perform deep scanning of your storage media and recover all your captured video back. No matter what may be the reasons, the tool will provide you with the optimum result. It even recover 3gp videos the data from the formatted drive. Moreover, the tool has been so, expertly designed that even a beginner users are able to perform all the intended task in a hassle free manner. All you have to do, is to simple download and install it, and left the rest on the tool. Beside these, the tool supports various file format like .avi, .mp4, etc. Its really a wonderful product to recover deleted 3gp video files. Last but not the least, the tool is compatible well equipped with all Windows as well as Mac OS X version.

Procedure to Recover 3GP Video from SD Card

Step 1: Download & install 3GP Video Recovery Software

memorycard 1

Step 2: Select the media file that you want to recover and Click on “Scan Now” button

memory card 2

Step 3: After completion of scanning process, the tool will show a preview of scanned file

memory card 4

Step 4: Choose the range of file to be repair

user gyuide range

Step 5: Select the desired location where you want to save the recovered files.

memorycard 6


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